Location 1204 Washington Ellis, KS 67637
Mon - Fri 8:00am - 12:00pm or by appointment Saturday-Sunday Closed

1. Check field availability by choosing the 'Practice Availability' menu option under 'Coaches' menu.

2. Submit your request if your practice time is available.

3. Approvals will be done on 1st come / 1st served basis.

4. Field reservation is not approved until you get an email confirmation. You will also see your reservation on the 'Practice Availability' calendar.

Practices schedules on Sundays may not start before 1:00pm and Wednesday practices must be completed no later than 6:00pm, during the school year. When USD 388 cancels school due to inclement weather, all practices will be cancelled.

The Ellis Recreation Commission has set up a registration incentive program. We will give a credit to the Head Coach for the registration fee incurred from their dependent that they are coaching. This does not include fees associated with jerseys. To be eligible for a credit, the following procedure must be followed.

1. Register and pay the fee for the dependent that you are the Head Coach for.
2. After the season is complete, return all equipment and keys to the Ellis Recreation Department.

Once these requirements are met, a credit for the registration fee will be applied to their dependents account.


1. A coach is not required to have an end of season party.
2. If a coach decides to have an end of season party, they may be reimbursed up to $25.00 for expenses incurred from hosting.
3. To be eligible for reimbursement, the following procedure must be followed:
     * Report your end of season party to the Rec office before the activity takes place.
     * Take photos of the party and submit to the Ellis Rec office.
     * Submit receipts from the party showing your expenses.
4. If all requirements are met, the Ellis Rec will reimburse up to $25.00 of shown expenses incurred from the party.