Location 1204 Washington Ellis, KS 67637
Mon - Fri 8:00am - 12:00pm or by appointment Saturday-Sunday Closed

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Did You Know… Ellis Recreation Commission’s general fund currently operates on a 4-mill levy. The last mill levy increase for the Ellis Recreation Commission’s general fund was 22 years ago!

Did You Know… ERC’s 4-mill can generate a different amount of income from year to year.  An example of this is in 2012-2013 budget year four mills generated an income of $178,064.00 for the recreation commission and in 2022-2023 that same four mills only generated $151,572.00.

Did You Know… Kansas statute does not allow us to levy taxes, but it does allow the bigger entity in a joint recreation commission to levy taxes for our use.

Did You Know… Ellis Recreation Commission can ask for more tax authority, but any increase requests must be approved by the USD 388 school board.

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